2017 - HomoMelitensis - Bienalle of Venice

With just two prior sightings at La Biennale di Venezia in nearly 60 years, the Malta Pavilion is much like a rare bird with virtually no past, no long tradition, or history of participation.

2016 - Washington DC - Maltese Embassy

Drawing which is featured in the Republic of Malta's Embassy in Washington DC.

2016 - Inspired in China

Darren Tanti (b.1987) captures the attention of the viewer by the universality of his images. He merges east and west, bonds contemporary and past masters, fuses past and present and seems to shed doubt on the notion of national art.

2015 - Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Arts

“...the corps(e) of the Reality – if there is any – has not been recovered, is nowhere to be found. And this because the Real is not just dead (as God is), it has purely and simply disappeared.”

2014 - Space Time Existence

The three small oil paintings by Darren Tanti that are featured in the exhibition Time, Space, Existence in Palazzo Mora as part of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014, form part of an installation called Valletta 2225.

2013 - Din Mhix Tazza

"Din mhix tazza" is an anthropological-artistic study aiming to connect women from Bormla in their domestic and urban environment with researchers and various artists.

2013 - Divergent Thinkers 2

We live in a world of images. Our eyes and minds are constantly bombarded with hundreds of images from every direction just to persuade us and convince us of their verity.

2012 - I Draw

This is the second in a series of shows in which the BoV board has directed its attention towards the younger generation of Maltese visual artists rather than the established or professional artists who have been showcased in a series of retrospectives over some 10 years.

2012 - Omen

An omen is an indication of passing time. Like all forecasts, the omen speaks from a ‘here and now’ about a ‘not yet’. It is a future time that is written in advance, a shifting of an event from its real moment of occurrence to a prior moment that is, by definition, too early.